1. Business Assurance & Advisory Services
      We improve the performance of organisations by identifying and analysing client’s problems and constraints, providing solutions through our business advisory service strategies which include but not limited to the following:

      • Management retreat, the forum through which organisations review their current realities and develop appropriate strategies for their future.
      • Carry out performance audit as a framework for the development of strategy and the management of organisational performance beyond what the financials show.
      • Management audit to review the effect of key decisions taking as a strategy to reappraise and refocus the organisation to meet current challenges.
      • Assist and advise on strategy formulation and implementation.
    2. Management Consulting & Advisory Services
      • Carry out due diligent audit and report on investments, takeover, mergers and acquisition.
      • Organisational diagnostic & system formulation
      • Assist in strategy formulation and implementation
      • Advice and assist on company restructuring and re – organisation
      • System, Process &  procedure evaluation and review
      • Analyse organisational difficulties and assist in enterprise transformation.
    3. Financial & Investment Services
      We provide the following financial advisory services :

      • Carry out due diligent audit for the purpose of investment and acquisition.
      • Advice and assist on financial restructuring & re- engineering
      • Advice on working capital management & investment
      • Advice and assist on sound corporate finance and investments
      • Preparing loan proposal for financing from banks and other financial institutions
      • Preparation of business valuation statements either for specific business situations or for new start up companies.
      • Raising equity and loan for existing corporations and new companies.
      • Preparation of business plan & investment prospectus.
    4. Software & System Development
      We advice and set up computerized accounting system with sound accounting software package that meet client specific need and training of staff to ensure efficiency, accuracy accountability and timely management information system for decision making.
      We also develop & design programme & software to meet client specific needs.We install and training client staff on accounting and business software: