We provide comprehensive taxation planning, management & advisory services to corporate and individual clients with the aim of minimizing their tax burden through careful tax planning. Using our expertise and skill, we study and take advantage of loopholes in the tax laws to reduce clients tax liabilities.

In meeting with the global demand of delivering the best professional services to our numerous clients, the company ensures that all its staffs are adequately empowered and updated with the current laws & statues and practical approach on tax planning & management services through sound training, seminars & courses obtained both locally & internationally.

 The need & benefits of our Tax Advisory & Management Services

 The Federal Inland& State Internal Revenue Service drive for tax revenue & enforcement of strict compliance and the complexity of fiscal legislation has increased considerably the demand from clients for tax advice.  Summary of benefits to be derive by your organization if we are appointed as your tax consultants & advisers are as follows:

green arrow Proper & adequate tax planning that will position your company to take all maximum tax benefits in line with relevant tax laws.
green arrow Give sound and responsive advice as it relates to tax on financial & operational issues so as not to expose the company to undue tax liability.
green arrow Keep the company abreast with current & new tax legislations and laws so as to ensure the company is proactive and take advantage of relevant benefits there from.
green arrow Carry out all statutory tax duties required of the company in a most efficient, effective & professional manner freeing the company & its staff of the burden & fear of tax compliance while allowing your organization to concentrate on its core business.
green arrow Process & obtain Company Income Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC), individual staff Electronic Tax Clearance Certificates (ETCC)
green arrow Represent & defend the company from all forms of tax quarries, correspondence and illegal tax liabilities & demand from the Federal & State Revenue Service.
green arrow Give sound professional opinion and advisory service on all aspect of Taxation

 Our Taxation Services

 We provide comprehensive taxation planning, management & advisory services to corporate and individual clients in the following areas:

bullet_green  Company Income Tax
bullet_green Value Added Tax (VAT)
bullet_green Withholding Tax
bullet_green Personal Income Tax
bullet_green Petroleum Profit Tax

We also render tax advice & services on:

bullet_green Tax implication on implementation of contract (offshore & onshore) and other services
bullet_green Certificate of Acceptance on Fixed Assets
bullet_green Obtain Pioneer Status for clients
bullet_green Double Taxation Agreement
bullet_green Professional opinion and representation on any other tax matters