We at TAC Professional services are posed to partnering with you in meeting your IFRS adoption, transition and implementation deadlines. We are equipped with experts and qualified IFRS implementation professionals/consultants to manage your IFRS implementation project.

    We manage our clients IFRS conversion project without disruption to regular business activities. We have designed bundle of services on guided conversion and training our clients are at liberty to select from. This includes:

    • Training relevant entity wide staff
    • Identification of IFRSs applicable to your organization
    • Perform detailed accounting gap analysis
    • Assess potential impact on financial statements and disclosures
    • Assess potential impact on the process and systems
    • Determine preliminary accounting policies
    • Identify potential IT changes based on preliminary accounting policies
    • Prepare initial IFRS compliant financial statements
    • Train core team

    Our conversion strategy has been summarized and demystified below with the option of whole or select package.

    Training Services:

    green arrow Overview of IFRS
    green arrow Training in IFRS as it affects your organization
    green arrow Training relevant entity wide staff
    green arrow Awareness Training for Directors, Executive Team, Accounting and Auditing Staff

    Advisory Services:

    green arrow Update on accounting principles
    green arrow Detailed gap analysis
    green arrow Assessment of potential impact on financial statements and disclosure
    green arrow IFRS Execution Roadmap
    green arrow Validation of financial statements
    green arrow Choosing accounting principles
    green arrow Disclosure requirements

    Conversion Process

    green arrow Project set up
    green arrow Information Technology modification, reconfiguration and implementation
    green arrow Data configuration and acquisition templates
    green arrow Preparation of Initial IFRS compliant financial statement
    green arrow Train core team
    green arrow Audit Procedures
    green arrow Business Process Review