Forensic audit & accounting is the process of detecting, preventing and correcting fraudulent activities. It includes the auditing of accounting records to prove or disprove fraud. It deals with the relation and application of financial facts to legal problems. Forensic accounting evidence is oriented to a court of law.

    Fraud investigation entails the detection and prevention of frauds in commercial transactions. It also involves creating an environment that reduces and discourages fraudulent activities.

    As forensic accountants, we react to complain arising in criminal matters, statement of claims arising in civil litigation, and rumors and inquiries arising in corporate investigations.

    As Certified Forensic expert we carry out various forensic assignments in line with our mandate and terms of engagement.

    Our range of forensic services includes:

    green arrow Forensic Investigation & Accounting
    green arrow Fraud Investigation
    green arrow Corporate Investigation
    green arrow Government/Public Investigation
    green arrow Due diligence Investigation
    green arrow Taxation & Back duty Investigation
    green arrow Litigation Support
    green arrow Insurance Claims