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Manager - Business Advisory

Edith is an alumnus of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom where she barged an MSc in Economics specializing in Finance and Investment Management, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is a member of American Finance Association (AFA), Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

She started her professional career with Channel Oil and Petroleum Limited in 2009 where she acquired an extensive knowledge in accounting, finance and system process in the oil & gas industry. She resigned her appointment in 2013 to further her education in the United Kingdom. On arrival, she joined the Business Advisory and Consulting team of TAC.

Edith is a dependable, resourceful and highly skilled Accountant and Business Advisory consultant. She has successfully carried out various financial advisory and business consulting services which include strategic and business process review, due diligence, business valuation and IFRS guided implementation and conversion.