TAC-Merger Consulting creates impactful workforce strategies by leveraging on our deep understanding of global workforce trends that are shaping the way we work, our granular knowledge of local markets and legislation, and our workforce solutions implementation expertise.  Our innovative approach combines these insights and expertise to deliver a workforce strategy with a measurable action plan to accelerate growth through a greater alignment of business and workforce strategies.

    We provide an all encompassing Manpower Audit and Assessment solution, which does not only select appropriate individuals as staff based on their skills, but also ensures that they are smoothly fitted into their assigned roles and the overall system. It looks at staffing levels, identification of potentials, capacity optimization, career development and succession planning.

    green arrow Our Manpower Consulting team takes a thorough assessment of the present resources and the future estimated resources in your organization.
    green arrow We look into organizations staffing process and try to understand the staffing process, and see if there is under-staffing or Over-staffing and try to balance the system.
    green arrow We will help in developing Manpower planning and developing strategies to match the requirement of the staff and the available positions.
    green arrow Our team also will assist with their professional skills to  enable an organization get hold of the right number and class of people required for operations within a defined time frame